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Pinch of Yum is a locally owned, family-friendly restaurant located in St. Paul, MN and Minneapolis, MN that serves up heaping plates of food for any dietary restrictions or preferences you might have. The menu features an array of options including vegetarian and vegan dishes as well as plenty gluten free choices.

The “best restaurants outside twin cities” is a guide that helps people find the best places to eat in the Twin Cities. The guide includes information on food, drinks, and more.



Important information: we like eating!

We’re back with a comprehensive list of all the Twin Cities restaurants we love.

If you’re a visitor, a newcomer, or a long-time resident who panics every time they really have a night out and can only think of the same two places to go to, you should know that… Well, we’ve got some tasty discoveries for you.

Like, there are incredible locations where you can go and have food and beverages brought to you without having to do anything to prepare them. Despite the fact that this is primarily a recipe site, we would want to encourage you to visit each and every one of these eateries since the Twin Cities has a fantastic restaurant scene. 

This list was created collaboratively; we’re not claiming we have a special Slack channel where we only share recommendations on where to go and what to eat, but of course we do. So here is a quick list of these must-eat places from all of us.

This article includes our picks for everything from coffee to supper, including:

Is this a ranking of the best eateries in Minneapolis and St. Paul by a professional food critic? No.

Does this list include some of OUR favorite locations? The people we know and love, who have a special place in our hearts, and who are used to seeing us since we visit them frequently? Yes!

Thank you, Minneapolis/Saint Paul hungry eater! We really hope you locate what you’re seeking for.

For coffee-based beverages


Penny’s Espresso

We would live there forever if we could, on the Penny’s downtown terrace (seen above). There are several places to sit, a grassy hill where you may unwind, and GLORIOUS SHADE. For those sweltering summer days, such a lovely hue.

What we order: a fantastic sweet or savory crepe, a Matcha or Golden Latte, and whichever stunning dessert we see in the case.

Minneapolis 100 Washington Avenue South

Coffee by Nina

Right on Cathedral Hill in St. Paul, Nina’s Coffee offers a variety of seating options, both outdoors on a bright Sunday morning and inside the stunning library-like building. You can also grab your coffee to go and explore one of the Twin Cities’ most picturesque areas. 

Coffee, coffee, coffee is what we order! Whatever sounds delicious and makes us feel the most like F. Scott Fitzgerald is the drink of choice—latte, capuccino, Americano, espresso. 

Western Avenue North 165, St. Paul

Tea Sencha Bar

Here, the query “Want something from Sencha?” is both often asked and very significant. This is the place to go for iced teas, bubble tea, and tea lattes.

We definitely get the Royal Tea Latte (hot or iced, with or without bubbles)

St. Paul, 1692 Grand Avenue (more locations in Minneapolis)


Snack Bar

Drinks are free; stay for the goodies. or come for the appetizers and stay for the beverages? When you need a second supper, you can always slip over to Bar La Grassa across the hall since the booths are comfortable and the atmosphere is excellent.

We choose a Burch Old Fashioned or a glass of red wine from their lovely wine selection for our beverages. Charred leeks, pickled cauliflower salad, schupfnudeln, and pizza are some options for snacks.

Minneapolis, 800 North Washington Avenue

Brewing Company and Taproom, indeed

There are so many fantastic regional brewers in the Twin Cities, but Indeed is special. If you’re fortunate (and you usually are), the Revival food truck is just around the block. Amazing artisan beers. A gorgeous patio area. 

Another great incentive to visit them on any given Wednesday night is their community-driven humanitarian endeavor, Indeed We Can.

Flavorwave IPA, Pistachio Cream Ale, or Mexican Honey Light are what we usually order.

NE 15th Avenue, Minneapolis, 711

Inn at Volstead

With a tricky-to-find, concealed entrance and a magnificent décor evoking a speakeasy from the Prohibition period, this super-fun hidden bar is sure to please. If you manage to visit when the house-made french onion dip is offered, you are in for a TREAT in addition to the lovely ambiance and very superb craft drinks.

What we eat: (The menu varies often, although…) Volstead’s Old Fashioned, New Romance, and El Cucuy

Minneapolis, MN, 711 W Lake St

Distillery Norseman

The Norseman’s beverages are WILD. nonetheless, the finest method. Additionally, there is a food truck out in front with fantastic tacos, so what more could you possibly need?

What we order: Since their menu is always changing, whatever creative new seasonal cocktail they have created is always going to be amazing!

Minneapolis, MN, 451 Taft St NE


This is the place to go if you prefer your drink to look as wonderful as it tastes. Even if the bar is modest, you’ll still feel special.

What we order: G&T, Selene, or Martina Old Fashioned

Minneapolis, MN, 4312 S Upton Ave

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