Vanilla Mint Iced Coffee Recipe

Vanilla Mint Iced Coffee is a very popular drink, which has been around for decades and in the past few years it has become even more of a trend. This simple recipe uses coffee ice cubes to make this delicious iced beverage that you can enjoy all year round!

The “can you put mint leaves in coffee” is a Vanilla Mint Iced Coffee Recipe. This recipe includes vanilla bean, peppermint extract, and iced coffee.

Vanilla Mint Iced Coffee, creamy and delicately sweet, on repeat! Due to the cold brew and oat milk, the beverage is smooth and luscious with a unique taste combination that includes crisp, fresh mint and a softly split entire vanilla bean.


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Do you want to start your summer mornings (and, well, maybe your afternoons) off right with the greatest possible caffeine? You do, of course. And there is truly nothing better than this creamy, lightly sweetened, vanilla mint iced coffee, in our opinion. It has an SUCH a unique balance of taste from crisp, fresh mint and a softly split entire vanilla bean, and is smooth and luscious because to the cold brew start and oat milk finish.

You will be overjoyed to discover that you still have some of your homemade vanilla mint simple syrup in your refrigerator, allowing you to serve as your own personal fancy drink barista any day of the week.

Everything You Need To Make This Iced Coffee Is In This Post

Let’s make some cold coffee first.

Instead of simply a strong cup of cooled-down normal coffee, we like to start this one with a cold brew (although that works just fine in a pinch!). Although it takes a little longer and has a little bit more caffeine (wheeee!) than usual, it is well worth it.

Because cold water is used to steep the beans rather than boiling water, cold brew has the tendency to be smoother and somewhat less acidic. Depending on the beans you’re using, it could sometimes taste a touch sweeter.

Check out this page for a detailed overview of everything cold brew!

But first, a basic explanation of how to do it

  1. Your coffee beans should be ground as finely as possible. The grinder we adore is this one.
  2. Make sure your grounds are completely wet in water before adding them to a big mason jar (or fancy cold press maker*).
  3. Steep for approximately 18 hours on the counter or in the refrigerator. The sweet spot is there!
  4. Strain. Put some cheesecloth over a fine-mesh strainer and drain the coffee into a clean jar if you’re using the jar technique.

The remaining cold brew may be kept in your refrigerator for up to a week after you’ve used what you need for this creamy iced dreamboat. (But remember, you’re a barista now; mark it in the fridge with “THIS IS FOR MY BUSINESS” so nobody else drinks it and destroys the rest of your days.)

Vanilla mint syrup mixed together in a jar.

The Truth About Vanilla Bean

Would vanilla extract work here? Of course. But utilizing a whole vanilla bean gives you taste that is really unsurpassed in terms of purity and intensity. The enticing aroma and the little bean flecks whirling around in your cup, ugh…just so wonderful.

If you plan to use a whole bean, which, once again, we really hope you do, you just cut the pod carefully along the side, then use the tip of your knife to scrape out all the tiny, exquisite vanilla seeds, and add them to the sauce pan along with the pod itself. Easy as pie!

Most supermarket shops have Coffee Beans, but you can also buy some on Amazon here.

How To Live Your Best Barista/Bartender Life: Syrup Variations

In your iced coffee, you should definitely try this warm vanilla and fresh bright mint syrup combination, but now that you’re an expert, you have other possibilities!

You may begin by

  • By skipping the vanilla, you may create a simple mint syrup that you can use to make various summertime beverages like a mojito, mule, or minty lemonade. Add some lime and ginger to some of them, and you’re good to go. Oh oh! Come autumn and winter, you’ll also have it on hand to prepare this delectable, warm peppermint mocha! Yesssss.
  • omitting the mint and going directly to the excellent vanilla syrup! Additionally, you could add it to other delectables, maybe this oatmilk honey latte. Or maybe you could use it as the basis for various taste combinations by adding some lavender* for a particular touch?

You can really start up your syrup game and then simply keep spicing up your beverages with a few teaspoons at a time since it stores nicely in the fridge.

Measuring cup pouring oat milk into a glass of iced coffee.

To Make or Buy Oat Milk?

We always turn to oat milks when looking for plant-based milks. It has a richer, more creamy texture, a mild taste, and a deliciously oat-like overall flavor. In terms of creamy richness, ALDI Friendly Farms brand oat milk is relatively top notch, although Oatly, Chobani, and Forager are other fantastic brands.

We salute you for being able to MAKE YOUR OWN oat milk if you are really hoping to earn some gold. Actually, compared to other nut milks, it’s considerably faster and simpler to produce. If you want to learn how to create your own, check out this fantastic article!

Vanilla mint iced coffee in two glasses, one with a metal straw.

Your Starter Pack for Iced Coffee

We’ve discussed how you may set up a little coffee shop in your kitchen, so here’s a useful list to get you ready for summertime iced coffee:

  • cheesecloth for filtering and a big mason jar with a cover (this is how we make our cold brew!)
  • Alternatively, if you want a better setup, a Maker of Cold Brew Coffee
  • from Amazon, a few Coffee Beans
  • a Dispenser of Syrup like this*, then you’ll truly feel like a boss.
  • For serving, how about some adorable small glass iced coffee tumblers like these?

You at-home barista, look at you!

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Suitable Companions For Iced Coffee

Now that you have your beverage in hand, how about we go buy you a snack? ‘ After all, it is summer, and you deserve it!

It goes without saying that a piece of the decadent lemon poppyseed bread or the absolutely tear-inducing pistachio loaf will not disappoint.

Would you want some of the tastiest blueberry pancakes or some spongy blueberry lemon bread to go with it? Also, may we perhaps grab you a breakfast crunchwrap? If you want the best breakfast sandwich, leave.

However, you are already at home. Making your own iced coffee the way a champion barista should: creamy, sweet, and exquisite.

Frequently Asked Questions about Vanilla Mint Iced Coffee

Can I use vanilla bean extract for vanilla bean?

Yep! Just add a tiny bit of vanilla extract to each individual iced coffee, or use a vanilla-flavored milk like vanilla almond milk. I’ve also used just half of the vanilla bean in one batch so you can get twice the amount of usage from your expensive Coffee Beans.

Is it possible to create this hot coffee rather than iced coffee?

Sure! This might be transformed into a hot vanilla mint latte. If you’re interested in learning how to make a latte at home, check out our recipe for Oatmilk Honey Latte!

What distinguishes cold brew coffee from iced coffee?

In terms of preparation, iced coffee begins as hot coffee that is then poured over ice to chill, while cold brew coffee is brewed for around 18 hours using cold water. Since ice is used to chill drinks, cold brew is often more cautious since ice contains water.

Cold brew coffee often has a smoother and more robust flavor than iced coffee.


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Vanilla Mint Iced Coffee, creamy and delicately sweet, on repeat! Due to the cold brew and oat milk, the beverage is smooth and luscious with a unique taste combination that includes crisp, fresh mint and a softly split entire vanilla bean. 

menthol syrup

  • 1.5 cups of water
  • 1.5 cups of sugar
  • fresh mint (one.75 ounce container, or 1/4 to 1/2 cup mint leaves)
  • (Optional – see notes) Vanilla bean

My Perfect Iced Vanilla Mint Coffee

  • 50% of a strong cold brew cup
  • 1 cup of choice milk or oatmilk
  • Mint syrup, 2 to 3 teaspoons
  • a few cubes of ice

  1. Simple Syrup: In a small saucepan, combine the water, sugar, and mint. Over a low heat, stir occasionally, until the sugar has dissolved and the syrup is fragrant with mint. If used, split the vanilla bean in half and remove the seeds before adding the seeds and pod to the pot to boil. Keep the simple syrup in the refrigerator; if you want to intensify the taste even more, keep the mint leaves and/or vanilla bean in the jar. (I normally remove the mint after a couple of days.) 
  2. Iced Coffee: To prepare the iced coffees, just combine the cold brew, your preferred milk, and whatever much simple syrup you want in a glass that has been filled with ice cubes.


As an alternative to using a vanilla bean in the simple syrup, just add a tiny bit of vanilla extract to each individual iced coffee, or use a vanilla flavored milk like vanilla almond milk. I’ve also used just half of the vanilla bean in one batch so you can get twice the amount of usage from your expensive Coffee Beans. 🙂

Additionally, this syrup tastes great in hot coffee. I like to prepare strong coffee, add enough of heavy cream or half-and-half to make it nice and rich, and then add a few teaspoons of syrup. Like iced coffee, it has a little stronger coffee flavor and is best sipped slowly with a straw. However, it is ideal for chilly or wet mornings.

  • 5 minutes for preparation
  • Time to Cook: 15 minutes
  • Category: Beverages
  • Approach: stovetop
  • Food: American


The “mint simple syrup coffee” is a recipe that uses vanilla, mint, and coffee. The drink can be made with cold or hot water.

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