6 Creme De Violette Substitutes – Cocktails

The violette family of liqueurs is a type of herbal liquors that are commonly used in cocktails. Often called “violets,” these drinks tend to have a purple or lilac color, and often have floral flavors like borage, violets, lavender or hibiscus flowers. They typically range from sweet with honey notes to dry with citrus notes.

The “aviation without crème de violette” is a cocktail that substitutes the traditional crème de violette with other ingredients.

6 Creme De Violette Substitutes - Cocktails

Crème de Violette on a bar counter and people drinking purple cocktails

Creme de Violette is a mildly sweet and fragrant French liqueur. This drink has a dark purple tint because to the violet petals. It’s ideal for brightening up cocktails like the Blue Moon and the Aviation.

Continue reading if you can’t get your hands on a bottle. To help you complete any drink without it, we’ve compiled a list of Creme de Violette replacements.

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What can I use as a substitute for Crème de Violette?

Use Parfait Amour or Crème Yvette to replace Crème de Violette in the liquor cabinet. Violette Syrup or purple food coloring may be used as an alcohol-free substitute. Making a DIY infusion is a low-cost option if you have time on your hands.

1. Perfect Love

Parfait Armour is a liqueur made with rose petals and parma violets, as well as vanilla, orange peel, and almonds. Curaçao is often used as the base spirit.

In comparison to Creme de Violette, Parfait Amour has a stronger citrus and vanilla taste. However, it has a similar appearance and will go in well with your next Violet Fizz or Water Lily.

Parfait Amour Flavor

2. Yvette Crème

Another liqueur created using violets, a base alcohol, and a sweetener is Crème Yvette. If you’re in a pinch, it may be used as a substitute, although there are some significant distinctions. With the addition of strawberries, raspberries, vanilla, honey, and orange peel, the taste profile becomes more nuanced and flavorful.

Additionally, Crème Yvette is red, while Crème de Violette is purple. In a legitimate cocktail establishment, a vintage Aviation or Eagle’s Dream won’t have that greying-purple colour. The change won’t make a difference to a home bartender.

Crème Yvette is more expensive, therefore it’s not a smart option if you’re seeking for a cheaper alternative.

Violet gin (#3)

Violet gin is worth trying if you’re mainly seeking for a purple booze that makes a statement. Keep in mind that it has more botanical tastes and a greater alcohol punch when blending.

Gin is frequently a main component in the Blue Moon drink. As a mixologist, violet gin makes your work a bit simpler. All you need to do now is squeeze in a squeeze of lemon juice, and you’re good to go!

A fact about Violet Gin

Violette Syrup (n.d.)

Alcohol is not consumed by everyone. Violette Syrup, such as the one prepared by Giffard, is a good substitute for gin in mocktails. It’s prepared using a violet flower infusion and essential oils. The syrup has a flowery flavor similar to Crème de Violette, but with hints of rose and lavender.

Fabbri and Monin are two more good Violette Syrup brands. Syrup is substantially less expensive than liquor, regardless of brand.

Violette Syrup is also a helpful cooking product for home cooks. Use it to give baked dishes, puddings, and desserts a flowery flavor and a purple hue.

5. Food coloring in the hue purple

A purple food coloring will suffice if you just want the purple aesthetic impact without the alcohol. This is without a doubt the most cost-effective approach to substitute Crème de Violette in sweet dishes and mocktails.

Add a little simple syrup to compensate for the decreased liquid and lack of sweetness.

6. Design your own

Do you want to create a small batch of Crème de Violette at home? It’s quite simple to construct, but you’ll need violet petals to do so. You may purchase them dried from specialized ingredient providers online if you don’t have them growing locally. Consider purchasing edible hibiscus blooms, which are simpler to get by.


  • violet flowers, 1 cup
  • 2 oz. vodka
  • 1 quart of water
  • 2 lbs. sugar


  1. In a glass jar, combine the violet flowers and vodka and close the top. Allow the jar to soak for two days, away from direct sunlight.
  2. Remove the particles by straining the liquid through cheesecloth or a coffee filter. Remove the infusion from the heat and set it aside.
  3. In a small saucepan, combine the water and sugar and boil over medium heat, stirring often. Remove the saucepan from the heat after the sugar has dissolved and let the simple syrup to cool.
  4. Pour the syrup into a clean jar or container, then stir in the violet infusion. Serve right away or keep refrigerated for at least a year.

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Quick facts

  • Violet liqueur or Crème de Violette are other names for Crème de Violette.
  • The liqueur is well known for its usage in cocktails such as the Blue Moon, Aviation, and Violette Royale.
  • Violets are macerated in a neutral alcohol or brandy to make crème de violette. It was invented in the 1800s, and it was sipped straight or combined with Vermouth.
  • Giffard, Rothman and Winter, Golden Moon, and The Bitter Truth are some of the top Crème de Violette brands.

To sum it up

A seasoned bartender recognizes the difficulty of attempting to reproduce Crème de Violette’s taste and color. It has a unique purple tint and a fresh flowery flavor. But it doesn’t rule out substituting it in drinks and desserts. All you have to do is be adaptable.

If you’re looking for a similar liqueur, try a bottle of Parfait Amour or Crème Yvette. Violet Gin will create a nice Blue Moon if you’re up for a big night and don’t mind an unusual taste.

If you have the time, look for Violette syrup, which is a non-alcoholic alternative. In a pinch, a basic food color may be used instead.

If you have access to violet petals, infuse them in a liquor like vodka to create your own. As a consequence, you’ll have a real Aviation cocktail. The other alternatives on this list will suffice if you don’t take your cocktail mixing too seriously.

Creme de violette is a French liqueur that has become popular in the United States. It can be served as an apéritif or digestif, but it’s also used in some cocktails. Reference: creme de violette elderflower.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use instead of Crème de Violette?

A: You can use another brand of crème de violette, or you can make your own by adding two parts rhubarb syrup and one part vodka.

What can you use instead of creme de cassis?

A: A few suggestions would be a dry champagne or sparkling wine, which are both carbonated beverages. Creme de mure is also an option but it can range from sweet to sour and you may like something else more.

What is the flavor of Crème de Violette?

A: The name of this drink is Crème de violette, and its a liqueur made from purple-petal flowers.

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