Cutting Fun Decorative Vegetables For Kids

The best way to teach children about the importance of eating healthy is by giving them a taste of what it’s like to be on a diet. Cutting vegetables into fun shapes and colors can help introduce new flavors for kids, while also teaching them about nutrition and food groups.

Cutting fruit can be a difficult task, but it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of ways to cut fruit decoratively without any extra tools or equipment.

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We’ve all struggled to get our children to consume nutritious foods. One of the stumbling blocks that children face when they see vegetables on the dinner table is how to make them seem attractive. Using these vegetable cutting methods, here are some excellent suggestions for changing the way your kids look at nutritious meals.

What Kinds Of Cutting Tools Do You Have Access To?

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There are things in your kitchen that you never imagined might be utilized to amaze your kids among all the shapes and items you undoubtedly already have. Because vegetables already have a fear component, you’ll need to disarm your child’s senses in order for them to be interested about them. These will be a pleasant sight on their plate if they mimic things they’re already acquainted with, such as slinky spirals, forms, unusual cuts, and oddly shaped foods.

Here’s a selection of devices that will offer your child something to think about when you serve veggies in a new manner.

Cutters for cookies

Cookie cutters on wood surface

If you like baking, what kitchen doesn’t contain a selection of cookie cutters? These are often constructed of metal in order to slice small slabs of vegetables including potatoes, squash, pattypan, and turnip. Cookie-cutter shapes will create tidy ornamental accents on small fruit salads and creamy coleslaw, even if you have bulkier rounder vegetables like zucchini and cucumber.

Most people are unaware that pattypan and turnip produce excellent breaded vegetables that may be fried and have a delicious flavor that isn’t typical of vegetables. These may be chopped into dinos or funny-shaped nuggets that your child will find appealing. Pattypan tastes like fish fingers when fried in thin slabs, although it’s really a vegetable.

Spiral Knives

Spiral cutters on table with vegetables in glass bowl

A spiral cutter has the benefit of cutting any circular item in a continuous slinky pattern that stretches and bends like a Slinky from front to back. These may be deep-fried and will maintain their form during cooking. The finest potatoes and sweet potatoes to use are potatoes and sweet potatoes, although zucchini and carrots also cook well. You may also steam them and serve them as a garnish with their meats.

To make these vegetables more appealing without obscuring their flavor, add a dash of spice or a sprinkle of sugar on top. If you opt to fry them, season them well and cook them in an air fryer for the best results.

Cuts with Crinkles

Crinkle cutter with vegetables on white surface

Crinkle-cut fries in the form of a wiggling caterpillar are a favorite among children. Potatoes may also be used to create a delicious veggie. You can use a portable crinkle cutter, but most crinkle cutters are connected to vegetable slicer mandolins. You may make cross-cut ‘waffle’ fries by turning the potato one-half turn on each cut. If you use carrots, sweet potato, yams, and pattypan, they’ll be much better.

If you decide to deep fry them, choose oil that is better for kids, such as canola oil, olive oil, or coconut oil. Check the frying flashpoints of these oils to determine which is superior and how well they stand up to frying.

Scissors for Herbs

A man cutting vegetable with Herb scissors

Herb scissors aren’t usually the most popular tool in the kitchen, but they’re great for cutting vegetables in a single cut. This is basically a set of blades connected to a scissors device that will slice chives, parsley, cilantro, and other green vegetables. These are powerful enough to cut the edges of vegetables and will enable you to decorate tiny slices with ornamental edges.

If you don’t have a vegetable chopper that can produce tiny pieces in a short amount of time, this is an excellent alternative. By cutting a basic piece of lettuce lengthwise up to the spine of each leaf, you can transform it into a palm tree in seconds. The similar effect may be achieved with cabbage, except that cabbage is more springy and less prone to wilt like lettuce does after a short amount of time.

Pressing Potatoes

Potato press with glass bowl full patato

Following the boiling of a potato, there will be a weird contraption that will retain the whole potato and will have replaceable filters for various potato extrusions. These extrusions look like worms and will look nice on your child’s plate if you push them down. Sprinkle a pinch of sweet paprika powder on top for a finishing touch. This recipe works well with sweet potato, turnip, carrots, and mixed vegetables, so you don’t have to stick to just potatoes.

These, sometimes known as potato ricers, will be a popular item among new moms who want to prepare baby food at home. This ricer is great for mashing, but it will retain its form as it squeezes out, depending on how cooked your vegetable is. You may make various degrees of cooked vegetable side dishes by mixing flour with a small amount of egg and squeezing the mixture into boiling water or hot oil.

Vegetable Slicer/Grater with Multiple Functions

Multi-function vegetable slicer and grater on wood table

But wait, there’s more, as Ron Popeil used to say. You’re not alone if you have one of those multi-slicers with all the interchangeable slicing and dicing components. The fact that you can create a variety of slices that are ideal for chips and crinkly waffle fries makes them wonderful for youngsters. When it comes to obtaining julienne strips, this is useful for slicing vegetables into extremely thin slices that may be combined with mixed meats or used to make coleslaw.

If you have a multi-function slicer, you may choose from a variety of slice patterns and thicknesses that will appeal to children. For youngsters, waffle chips and crinkle cuts are usually stunning, but don’t let that fool you. If you’re going to prepare sliced vegetables for kids, look for cuts that will offer you a lot of variation. Because this isn’t your average knuckle buster, cutting vegetables with it requires some caution.

These multi-function slicers, unlike a vegetable grater, feature razor-sharp metal blades that may slice your fingers if you aren’t using the vegetable holder. At all times, use caution while utilizing them.

Cutting fun decorative vegetables for kids is a great way to introduce your children to healthy eating. Reference: vegetable carving easy.

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