Lavender Vs. Catmint: Showdown

When it comes to cooking with herbs, few plants are as divisive as lavender and catmint. The two plants have completely different flavors and the debate over which is better will be discussed for years to come.

Lavender and Catmint are two plants that share many similarities. They both have a sweet, musky aroma and they’re both used in cooking. However, the differences between them are what make them unique. One plant is known for its calming qualities while the other is known for its energizing properties.

Lavender Vs. Catmint:  Showdown

Drought-tolerant plants lavender and catmint have a similar appearance. They feature purple blossoms and are both fragrant. If you want to attract bees to your yard, lavender and catmint are excellent choices. Even though their responsibilities may overlap in certain situations, both of these blooming herbs have separate uses in the kitchen. Look at the Showdown below to see how much lavender and catmint vary or are similar.

What distinguishes lavender from catmint?

Catmint and lavender are two separate plants. The lavender plant is Lavandula angustifolia, and the catmint plant is Nepeta faassenii. Lavender blooms from the beginning of summer through the middle of the season, whereas catmint blooms in late spring.

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The aromas and tastes of lavender and catmint are very distinct. Lavender has a delightfully fragrant aroma and taste note similar to cilantro, which some people find soapy. The flowery beauty of lavender is enhanced by its faint mintiness. Catmint has a gentler aroma than lavender, which has a deeper and more identifiable floral scent. The taste of catmint is somewhat minty.

The components of the plants utilized in lavender and catmint are different. Typically, just the blossoms of lavender are utilized in cuisine. Catmint blossoms and leaves are both edible, however the blooms are often used medicinally.

Is it possible to replace catmint for lavender (and vice versa)?

Lavender’s strong flowery scent isn’t a suitable match for catmint’s mild mint flavor. Although lavender is a wonderful addition to a variety of drinks, it isn’t often utilized as a tea herb. When combined with other fragrant herbs, such as those found in herbes de Provence, it may be able to take the place of catmint as a meat seasoning.

Despite the fact that both plants are mints and are fragrant, catmint isn’t a viable alternative for lavender in terms of taste. Even though catmint has a pleasant perfume and a mint taste, it lacks the instantly recognizable lavender aroma. Using catmint in a recipe will give it a unique flavor. Catmint may be used if all you need is something that looks like lavender. Its blossoms are quite similar to lavender flowers.

When is it OK to use lavender and when is it appropriate to use catmint?

Despite the fact that lavender is often cultivated for non-culinary purposes, it does have a secondary use as a culinary component. Infuse lavender into simple syrup, then use the syrup to make beverages or meringue. To produce ice cream, combine it with cream. Lavender works well in savory dishes, where it may be combined with other herbs such as marjoram and oregano. When grilling, throw lavender stems into the fire for a fragrant smoke that will complement the meat.

Catmint is most recognized for its popularity among cats as well as its use as a human therapeutic plant. Its medical properties include acting as a moderate sedative and maybe aiding in the relief of coughs. To observe the advantages of catmint, it is customary to create a tea with it. Catmint leaves may be used in the same manner as spearmint and other types of mint are used – raw in salads and salad dressings, or cooked. According to some reports, catmint is used as a meat flavoring in France.

Lavender is a plant that has a strong, sweet smell. It is used in cooking and perfumes. Catmint varieties are often used as edibles and in teas. Reference: catmint varieties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better catmint or lavender?

A: I would say that both lavender and catmint are equally good at providing relaxation.

Can you plant catmint and lavender together?

A: Yes. Catmint grows in a pot, but it is best planted outdoors. Lavender needs to be planted about two feet apart from each other for maximum growth and blooming abilities.

Is catmint a lavender?

A: Yes, catmint is a variety of lavender.

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