What Are Canapes – An Introduction to Delicious Appetizers


Canapes, canny-apples, or finger food as it’s often referred to, are tasty treats that are often served at get-togethers and parties. They’re a simple but delicious way to tantalize your taste buds with a variety of flavors and textures. But before you start serving up these little bites of pleasure, there’s some things you need to know.

From the types of canapes, to the particular ingredients and dishes used to prepare them, and even the presentation – there’s no denying that these little morsels need some finesse. So if you’re looking to wow your guests and make sure your canapes turn out just right, then you’ve come to the right place.

Types of Canapes

When it comes to canapes, you really have two main choices – open-faced and closed-faced. Open-faced are the classic; they’re typically made with thin slices of baguette, or some other type of crusty bread, spread with a variety of toppings. Meanwhile, closed-faced canapes are just that – closed. A base layer of some sort – like pastry dough or phyllo sheets – covered with fillings, herbs, and other flavorings.

Open-faced canapes offer plenty of opportunity for creativity; you can top them with a variety of spreads, fruits, nuts, cheeses, and even bits of meat. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can add an exotic twist by using ingredients like caviar or smoked salmon. Closed-faced canapes on the other hand tend to be heavier in both taste and texture, since they usually contain more filling. Think: herbed cheese filling wrapped in puff pastry, or mashed potato and bacon stuffed inside a biscuit.

No matter which type of canapes you decide to make, one thing is for sure: they’re a delicious way to wow your guests at any gathering. So go ahead and get creative!


It’s time to get down to business: preparing the canapes. First, let’s break it down into manageable chunks and cover the ingredients you’ll need and then go into the techniques for making these tasty tidbits.

A colorful plate of appetizers with various garnishes.

Let’s start with the basics: you’ve got your main ingredient, which could be anything from smoked salmon or beef tartare to Brie cheese or artichoke hummus. You’ll also want some fresh veggies, like tomato, cucumber or bell pepper slices, along with some fresh herbs – think about incorporating dill or chives for an extra flavor punch! If you’re feeling adventurous, you might even consider adding a little something special, like capers or olives. Finally, choose a base – I’m partial to crusty bread slices, but the options are nearly endless here: think crackers, mini bagels, wonton wrappers, or even endive leaves.

Now that we’ve got our ingredients ready to go, it’s time to talk technique. When making open-faced canapes, you’ll want to layer your topping on top of the base and use a spoon or small spatula to spread it around evenly. For closed-faced canapes, spread the topping on one side of the base and then place the other side on top. After that, all that’s left is a light sprinkle of seasoning. Ta-da! Now you’re ready to serve your canapes.


When it comes to serving canapes, I like to keep things simple and elegant. After all, the food’s already been prepped and now it’s time to enjoy it. Throw in some fancy dishes and utensils if you’ve got ‘em – but don’t stress if not. Serving platters, trays, and small bowls all work just fine.

And with presentation, less is usually more. So don’t overcrowd the plate or try to get too creative. We’re talking delicate finger foods here – so go light and simple. A few garnishes and a bit of color will do the trick. Pay attention to the basic elements of taste, texture, and visual appeal, and you’ll be golden.


Canapes are such a great way to bring the party alive! From seeing the ingredients list you can tell these dishes are packed with flavor. With the knowledge shared, you’re bound to impress your guests with some delicious and carefully crafted nibbles. As for the garnishing and presentation ideas, you’ve got yourself an amazing way to make your canapes stand out in every way possible. Now go forth and wow those taste buds!

Canapes – Appetizers

What are the three types of canapé?

Canapés are a type of appetizer that originated in France. They are typically small pieces of toast, crackers, or bread, topped with a combination of meats, cheeses, vegetables, and other savory foods. There are three main types of canapés: Open-face, Closed-face and Tartlets.

Open-face canapés are the most common type. They are slices of toast, crackers, or bread, topped with a combination of savory foods, such as smoked salmon, caviar, or cheese spread. These open-face canapés can also be topped with vegetables, such as olives or pickles.

Closed-face canapés are canapés that are completely covered with ingredients, such as cream cheese, ham, and tuna. These are typically served cold and are very easy to make.

Tartlets are a type of canapé that is made with a pastry shell, usually filled with a cream or custard and topped with savory toppings. They are usually served warm, as the pastry shells are baked.

Canapés make a great appetizer for any event and can be customized to fit any taste. They can also be served as part of a larger meal, or as a light snack. So, if you’re looking for a quick and tasty appetizer, canapés are sure to please!

What is the difference between canapés and hors d oeuvres?

Canapes and hors d oeuvres are both delicious, bite-sized treats, but they have some key differences. Canapes, by definition, are a small open-faced sandwich made with a variety of toppings and spread on an even smaller piece of bread. Think layers of smoked salmon, or creamy cheese spread, egg yolk and caviar atop a petite slice of baguette or rye. Hors d oeuvres, on the other hand, are typically more finger food-focused and are served cold or at room temperature, not necessarily requiring a plate or utensils to eat. Think of it as a heavy appetizer that can often be garnished with one or two items, from mini quiche or meatballs, to miniature crab cakes or stuffed mushrooms. The bottom line: canapés are a more sophisticated, intricate bite than hors d oeuvres.

What is in a canapé?

A canapé is like an elegant little appetizer that’s perfect for passing around at parties. It’s typically composed of a bite-size piece of bread or pastry topped with some kind of savory filling. Think of it like an open-faced sandwich, kind of like a mini-pizza. Common toppings might include anything from cream cheese and smoked salmon to fresh vegetables, pâté, or even a thin layer of peanut butter. They’re usually made to be one or two bites, and can range in flavor from sweet to savory to spicy. In short, canapés are a great way to add a little extra sophistication to a party plate.